Cape Brewing Co Red Weiss

Red Weiss ( Seasonal )

A seasonal amber colour Hefeweissbier unfiltered with a slight red tone from the most expensive caramel malt in the world.

CBC Imperial IPA

Imperial IPA

By using only two American hops called Galena and Mosaic the intense hop aroma reflects the aroma profile of these hops.

CBC Harvest Lager

Harvest Lager (seasonal)

The Harvest Lager has a rich malt aroma with a slight hint to spicyness, clean lager aroma, subtle hop aroma, with a beautiful saturated golden colour.


Amber Weiss

A German-style Craft Amber Weissbier. Fruity and satisfyingly aromatic.


Krystal Weiss

A Craft Krystal Weiss, clear-filtered weissbier, with an elegant twist of lemon and grapefruit.



A crisp, hoppy and generous Craft Lager.



A Craft Pilsner with a strong hop aroma and nice bitter finish.