STAFF Profile: Anja Van Zyl


“Don’t give up what you want most for what you want now.”

Anja’s CBC story…

“I finished my degree in BSc Food Science at Stellenbosch University in 2013. During this time, I started brewing beer at home and I fell in love!

I applied for a Masters at Stellenbosch University in the wheat industry. But after visiting the brewery in late 2013, I chatted to Wolfgang and told him I am very interested in beer brewing and to work at CBC. Three days after my final examination in 2013, I started my career in beer brewing at CBC. I am the Junior Assistant Brewer and currently on a year apprenticeship at CBC. I’m involved in the brewing, the fermentation, filtration, bottling, kegging and quality control processes. I am busy setting up an analytical and microbiological laboratory for the brewery. I also do some brewery tours and tastings.”

Anja’s favourite CBC craft beer is…

“Amber Weiss. The Amber Weiss is a complex, aromatic and full bodied beer with a lot of style and character. I like how the fine bubble texture fills your pallet.”

Her favourite food combination with CBC craft beer is…

“CBC Pilsner & beef fillet with a creamy mustard sauce. The bitterness of the Pilsner cuts through the creaminess of the sauce while the good malt backbone of the Pilsner compliments the savoury taste of the maillard reaction that took place on the meat during the braai.”

She loves craft beer because…

“It’s honest, pure, versatile and it tastes natural.”

What does ‘craft beer’ mean to you?

“An ancient alcoholic beverage made with love and passion using the finest raw ingredients and comprehensive knowledge about the brewing process.”