Cape Brewing Company Craft Colab Gift Set
December 8, 2014
Cape Brewing Company (CBC) not only produces legendary artisanal beer, but is also passionate about promoting fellow South African artisans. From food to furniture and everything in between, CBC actively promotes a wide range of South African crafts in a bid to unite artisans across the country.

In celebration of its ‘Love the Craft’ initiative, the brewer-cum-curator brings you the Craft Colab Gift Set‘ – a collection of unique beer-inspired products created by a group of handpicked local crafters.

BUY it online via League of Beers > click here.

The collection includes a quirky bow tie from My Bro Tie, a set of hand-painted ceramic coasters from Klomp Ceramics, a delicious beer bread mix from De Oude Bank Bakkerij, a genuine leather key holder including bottle opener from Freedom of Movement and mouthwatering cured lager sausage from 12 Pigs Charcuterie, all beautifully presented in a hand-printed canvas carry bag with leather trim.

Only 40 of the limited edition collections have been created, making them as exclusive as they are finely crafted. An absolute must have for the craft aficionado, and the perfect gift for the discerning collector.

BUY it online via League of Beers > click here.

Stellenbosch Cycle Tour
December 4, 2014

Jennie Stenerhag raced her last race for 2014 this weekend. Almost time for 2015’s race program and prep!

“Now that 2014 racing year has come to an end, I look forward to 2015! Some changes are happening at the moment and I will get back with an update just before Christmas!” – Jennie Stenerhag

The past weekend was a real cycling weekend in Stellenbosch, Friday and Saturday was “Origin of Trails” MTB race and on Sunday it was “Stellenbosch Cycle Tour” (formerly known as “Die Burger”). Since I have won Die Burger 6 times before and it would be my 8th consecutive time doing it I wanted to save my legs until Sunday, at the same time as I really wanted to do Origin of Trails to see new single tracks around Stellenbosch which we normally do not have access to. The purpose of Origin of Trails is to raise funds to build even more trails in our beautiful area and is of course something I want to support!

So on Friday morning I rolled down to the start to the middle of central Stellenbosch, the atmosphere was at its peak and everybody was ready to have fun out on the bikes. Since it is in the end of the season and also no prize money all the pros had decided to take it easy, it suited me perfectly! We became a group of 6 elite girls who rode together and took it easy and stopped at all the water points, of course we chatted the whole time, amusing or anoying for the guys riding around us 😉 Most of the route went on the trails we knew in Jonkershoek while we did some new that were totally amazing! Really fun!

As usual when it comes to road races in South Africa, it’s a super early start! The alarm was set for 4:20 and I was glad that the race was in Stellenbosch so that I could just ride to the start which was at 6:04! Anriette Schoeman was there and she would be my toughest competition on the day, we rode hard up the first climb to try and get rid of the other girls, especially Maroejska that has a good sprint. After about 300 meters we started climbing up Hellshoogte, a hill of 4km and quite steep! We went over the top in a small bunch with Anriette and I as the only girls but unfortunately the peloton caught up with us after about 14 km and we were a group of about 100 riders. I’m not a person who likes to “just sit” in the bunch, I am constantly trying to stay close to the front in case it would split or a crash, but in hindsight I probably wasted too much energy on it!

Once we had about 20 km to go, we had some short steep hills to do and on every hill Anriette and I went hard, got a gap with some guys, and then the rest caught up with us! It was really frustrating! With 1km left I sat perfectly positioned on Anriettes wheel and I kept that place and prepared myself for the sprint when suddenly the whole bunch came with speed from behind and it felt like they just swallowed us, suddenly I could hardly see Anriette and was just trying to get out of this mess. 2 guys drifted to the side with me on their outside and I almost crashed in to the fence, it was so close I think my heart stopped! While I was busy almost crashing Maroesjka rolled passed me and I was in 3rd… So once again when we race with the men it was a result that was more about luck than strength!

Read more here.

Schoon de Companje | Craft Colab
December 4, 2014

Our final #CraftColab crafter is…Fritz Schoon from Schoon de Companje!

“We bake all our breads in a wood-fired oven based on the design of a 17th century Roman communal oven. It is labour intensive, but very special. Time equals taste.” For the CBC Craft Colab, De Oude Bakkerij produced a bread mix, to which one last key ingredient can be added: CBC Lager.

Watch the video here.

Fritz Schoon, founder of De Oude Bakkerij in Stellenbosch, fosters no pretenses about his role in the wildly successful venture. “I bake bread. Real bread. The stuff that feeds people,” he explains candidly.

Schoon’s holistic, almost spiritual approach to baking is perhaps to thank for the resounding success of the company. “Your state of being and intention will show in the end product. If you don’t know how to sweep the floor excellently, you will never be a good baker. Excellence starts from the way that you enter the door in the morning. It is something to be understood and applied to the smallest task,” he shares insightfully.

Also responsible for the success of the bakery is surely its use of premium raw ingredients. “If you want to produce an exceptional product, you have to use exceptional ingredients. Our recipe starts with farming well. We use well farmed grains and have them milled coarsely from our closest farmer/miller,” explains Schoon.

Last but certainly not least, the careful handcrafting techniques employed in the artisanal bakery are reflected in the high-quality final products. “We bake a small variety of breads. We blend our doughs and do not mix them like commercial, or other ‘artisan’, bakers. We bake all our breads in a wood-fired oven based on the design of a 17th century Roman communal oven. It is labour intensive, but very special. Time equals taste.”

For more information on Ou de Bakkerij call +27 21 883 2187, email, visit or join the community on Facebook (, Twitter (@decompanje) or Instagram ( Best, though, would be to pop in at tbe Oude Bank Building on the corner of Church and Bird Streets in Stellenbosch to experience the delicious fare for yourself.

Klomp Ceramics | Craft Colab
December 1, 2014

For Klompje, craft is about doing what you love and remaning as honest and authentic as possible. For Klompje, craft is about doing what you love and remaining as honest and authentic as possible. Inspired by CBC craft beer, Klomp Ceramics created sets of coasters for the CBC Craft Colab.

Just over a year ago, Cape Town-based creative Alexia Klompje was asked a life-changing question: “What do you love to do?” offered her husband, who was met with the unhesitating response: “ceramics”.

It may have taken place in a dream, but the consequences of the short exchange soon became the daily reality of the young creative.
Inspired by a need to heal herself after surviving a brain tumour, Klompje finally started handcrafting ceramics after this significant flash of inspiration. Her highly personal work is inspired by her life, experiences and the things with which she surrounds herself.

Formalising her passion and healing journey, Klompje founded Klomp Ceramics, the brand under which she creates one-of-a-kind porcelain and stoneware pieces proudly made and glazed by hand at her studio in Cape Town.

The multi-talented (and somewhat busy) Klompje, who actually completed her formal training is architecture, is also a working stylist. “In a nutshell, I studied architecture, became a stylist, had a brain tumour, started playing with clay while I healed, started Klomp Ceramics, went back into styling, and am now both a healthy ceramicist and a busy stylist!” she explains. Despite her myriad commitments, Klompje remains singularly focused on each task at hand at any given time, explaining that she relies on both roles to satisfy different aspects of her creative personality.

Unsurprisingly, Klompje has been making art for as long as she can remember. “To create and to live go hand-in-hand,” she affirms. “Each piece is part of my story, and Klomp Ceramics is a collection of this unique narrative.”

A true artisan, Klompje revels in every stage of the creative process. “From a lump of clay to a finished product, there are so many steps, stages, stories to be told and lessons to be learned,” she shares. “It’s an exquisite expression of my deepest, most personal self. To make something with my own hands that tells a story feels so sacred and ancient to me. A privilege.”

For more information or to place an order visit, email or call +27 82 895 5018. For regular updates and inspiration, join the Klomp Facebook (KlompCeramics) and Twitter (@KlompCeramics) communities, or follow Klompje herself on Pinterest (Alexia Klompje) and Instagram (AlexiaKlompje).

NEW!! CBC Red Weiss
November 28, 2014

We just launched the NEW CBC Red Weiss at the Cape Town Festival of Beer!

“A seasonal amber colour Hefeweissbier unfiltered with a slight red tone from the most expensive caramel malt in the world.” – Wolfgang Koedel



Fruity banana esters  from our special top fermenting yeast pair with  hints of bitter chocolate, vanilla and complex malt notes makes it a must for every Weiss lover and a masterpiece of German brewing tradition.

Alcohol : 6.1 %, Bitter units : 18 IBU, Gravity : 14.8 % Plato

CBC Red Weiss 4


DC – new record | Cycling
November 24, 2014

“We won the race in a new record time for mixed teams of 5 hours 28 minutes, 5 minutes faster than the Complete Cyclist.” – Jennie Stenerhag

Double Century is a 202km team time trial where you start in a team of 12 and 6 must finish together. We competed in the mixed category where 3 girls and 3 guys have to finish together. It is always difficult to find strong girls and this year it was going to be my 3rd time racing for the Give Me A Chance foundation and I was responsible for finding strong girls. You have to make the decision whether to start with 3 or 4 girls, if you start with 3 there is room for one more guy who is stronger, but then nothing must happen to any of the girls. With four girls you can “afford” to loose one if something happens. When we put the team together we were 5 girls, 2 dropped out and we brought in a new and but with 5 days to go to the race another 2 dropped out. On Monday evening we were only 2 girls and not full team. It was once again time to call every possible girl who could ride a bike fast for 202km but not already in a team!! Not so many!

Finally we found Kathrin, a German triathlete who is in Stellenbosch often, only thing was that she had no road bike just a TT bike which is not allowed in this race. We rented a bike for her from iRide Africa and she got at least a few days to try it.

Since girls had pulled out we took a few new guys in to the team the last week, so with a handful of last-minute changes, we stood on the start line in a few different tops since the tops were ordered for the original team and the sizes were not right for this team….

The team who would be our toughest competition was The Complete Cyclist and they started 30 seconds behind us! They soon caught us but we stayed calm since we knew that this race is won in the last 50 kilometers. We had them at a distance so that we could always see them and we could see that they pushed hard up the first climb. We past them on the downhill and left them behind. But after a while they once again caught us and passed us and pushed really hard up the second climb, and we passed them on the downhill. At the first feedstation after 115km both teams were together.

New since last year was the compulsory stop where the time stops when we cross the matts to go in and starts again when we cross the matts on the other side to go out and we have 30 minutes to spare, if we would stay for longer the time starts after 30 minutes. Every team has an allocated spot where the team car can park with your food and drinks. Our spot was next to the Complete Cyclist team and when they decided to go again we waited a bit extra since we did not want to race so close to them but to do our own race. We raced hard and the guys in the team were super strong! There was another compolsury stop (new this year) and when we got there the Complete cyclist team was there, our backup team said we might have made some time up on them. We left before them and pushed hard so that they would not catch us. In the last 20 kilometers there are three steep hills and this is where one can make up a lot of time if one has some energy left. Konny was our strongest guy and he helped the girls incredibly well and made us maintain a high speed.

We won the race in a new record time for mixed teams of 5 hours 28 minutes, 5 minutes faster than the Complete Cyclist.

Everyone in the team did really well!!! Especially considering we hardly had a team a few days ago! Thanks to Sure Global Travel for sponsoring the team in support of the Give me a chance foundation. Thank you Delaray and Waylon for organising everything! And a huge thank you to the team: Kelly, Kathrin, Konny, Delarey, Hannes, Dylan, Waylon, Theo, Declan, Andreas and Timo, it was the strongest team I’ve ever ridden the DC with and if I am not misstaken it was my 9th DC!

For more, visit Jennie’s website.


Freedom of Movement | Craft Colab
November 21, 2014

Freedom of Movement sources most of its raw materials from local tanneries and textile
manufacturers. A team of in-house artisans (led by two very talented craftsmen with
years of experience in exclusive leather design) handcrafts all the products.

Production methods are based on the traditional principles of leather
craftsmanship, utilising the same tools that have been used to create authentic
leather goods for decades.

Freedom of Movement is a collective of ideas formulated to design and produce both conventional and unusual leather products and accessories. The team produces a wide range of original pieces, from duffelbags to footwear.

Founded in 2013 by two brothers (one a chartered accountant with an appetite for entrepreneurship, and the other a civil engineer with a passion for design), the company started in a small room at the University of Stellenbosch, with nothing but an idea, a sewing machine, and a single artisan.

The goal of the collective is to design products that last a lifetime. The artisans are not only tasked with creating products that look nice, but that are as user-friendly and functional as possible. It is not only the raw, vintage look of Freedom of Movement leather that attracts discerning consumers, but also the longevity of the final products.

For the Freedom of Movement team, “craft” is the ability to create quality, loved final products from the myriad creative thoughts and ideas that fill the mind on an ongoing basis.

For more information on the brand visit their website or join the community on Facebook or Instagram.

Bestmed Paarl MTB Classic
November 19, 2014

“It was the first time they had this race in Paarl and a huge thank you and well done goes to the organizers for a really good event and a tough, hard and fun route!!” – Jennie Stenerhag

Cape Brewing Company was one of the sponsors of this race, and one of the water points were at the brewery, it really was a “home race” for CBC. I really wanted to do this race since part of the route includes the new trails of Rhebokskloof Wine Estate, this place has quickly become one of my favorite places to mountainbike, the single tracks are just awesome.

I had not prepared as I normally do for this race, I had visitors from Sweden here in Stellenbosch and it is the end of the season so I took a mental break from the serious training, sometimes the head also needs a break.

It was a tough start and Craig was the one that made it really hard at the front of the bunch when the climbing started, he looked in good form! The first 35 minutes were uphill and I could feel that my legs were not really in to this on the day. I was thinking of the fun riders who chose to do an easier route of 30km instead of the 60km, they also had to go up that first long climb! I was happy when I reached Rhebokskloof and could have some fun on the single tracks, it is always nice to race on trails one knows well! I had great support from Mercia and Scott at the waterpoint at the brewery, I did not have time for a stop, I guess the racing devil comes out no matter how small the race is…

I won the ladies category and Craig did well and finished 3rd on the mens.

It was the first time they had this race in Paarl and a huge thank you and well done goes to the organizers for a really good event and a tough, hard and fun route!!

Visit Jennie’s website here.

Whole Red Roman from the braai
November 19, 2014

Serves 6 people
Ingredients: +2kg Red Roman, cleaned and descaled Salt and pepper the fish inside and outside

2 red onion
1 whole fennel
2 bundles of dill
1 lemon, rind grated Fleur de sel
Freshly ground pepper
Roughly slice and chop onions, fennel and dill. Add lemon rind, fleur de sel
and freshly ground pepper. Mix and add some olive oil, plus juice of the lemon. Fill the Red Roman with all the ingredients and secure with a metal skewer.

In a large mixing bowl combine the following then blend it with a stick blender:

2 finely chopped red chillies
1tbs of sesame oil
120ml of olive oil
40g of fresh chopped ginger
3tbs oyster sauce
juice of lemon
50g lemon grass
Freshly ground black pepper.

Blend all into a basting marinade, apply generously during the braai process.
Once the braai has reached the perfect glowing ambers, place fish on fine meshed braai grill, and don’t move it for the first 4 minutes! Thereafter turn around about every 4-5 minutes, keep fish covered with tin foil in order to have an additional heat reflector. Make sure the heat is moderate, depending on the size of the fist it can take between 50 – 60 minutes.

Enjoy with whatever you like as long as you hold a CBC beer in one hand. Perfectly paired with an ice cold Krystal Weiss.

12 Pigs
November 18, 2014

Salting, brining and smoking are all ancient techniques of preserving meat. 12 Pigs Charcuterie owner Charles Joubert does not claim to be reinventing the wheel. He simply hopes to bring these age-old traditions back to life.

Named after the first order Joubert placed for the now thriving charcuterie, 12 Pigs makes a wide range of cured meat products, from oak-smoked bacon, salami and proscuitto to fresh sausages, pastrami and everything else Joubert can possibly cut and cure. For the CBC #CraftColab Joubert created a CBC Lager sausage!


CBC Craft Collection
November 18, 2014

The CBC Craft Colab Collection is now available at the brewery!

Showcasing the crafters collaboration pieces, this is a perfect gift!
Get “The Wolfgang” bow tie by My Bro Tie, beautiful beer coasters by Klomp Ceramics, CBC Leather keyring by Freedom of Movement or a delicious Lager breadmix by Schoon de Companje!

Contact us for more info! #CraftColab #capebrewingco @LoveTheCraft

Beer + …
November 13, 2014

What would be your perfect Craft Collaboration? Beer + …

Let us know on Twitter or on Facebook.

#CraftColab #capebrewingco @LoveTheCraft @CapeBrewingCo

Wines 2 Whales 2014
November 11, 2014

“It was a very exciting race, thanks Robyn and Cath for the competition! I dont think that it has ever been so close in a ladies stage race in South Africa, it is very healthy for ladies cycling when our races are exciting and it makes people want to follow us!” – Jennie Stenerhag

Day 1: 73km 1450 meters climbing
We started at the Lourensford Wine Estate in Somerset West, and from the start we climbed up a 5km long hill! I felt good from the start and pushed as hard as I felt that Candice could hold on to and we got a gap to Robyn and Cathrine straight away. On the way down on the other side we went fast since we knew that was our chance to open the gap more. It was fun to ride behind Candice on the single tracks since she is so good on the technical stuff, it was really fast in places and I did what I could to keep up! The route takes us through a nature reserve where there is a compulsory portage for about 1km, Candice got blisters on her heels and we both got really tired legs after, I got cramps towards the end and I got a bit worried that the others were going to catch us! We were a bit different as cyclists, Candice was faster downhill and I was faster uphill, but we did the best of it and managed to keep Rob and Cath behind and won the stage!

Day 2: 67km 1300 meters climbing
Once again we started up a hill and we got away from the others, but then we could not hold on to a bunch and soon Robyn and Cathrine caught us with another bunch. Candice was tired today and we could not pass Robyn and Cath so when we got to the first technical stuff we were just behind them, we knew we had needed to be in front of them to be able to get away. We lost them on the next uphill and they just drifted away from us and it became a race against the clock for us. We had a frustrating day since we caught up with a group on the single tracks and had no where to pass but to sit behind them, but on the open roads they were stronger then us so we could never pass them. We could have caught up time if we had had a free run on the single tracks this day, and it was a lot of single tracks. The route on day 2 is amazing!! We came 2nd for the day and lost the overall lead and was now 48 seconds behind Robyn and Cathrine on GC.

It was a little confusing when we were divided into age groups, counted on the youngest person in the team, and each age group had a leader jersey. So we were in the purple jersey for “Open woman” since Candice is 23 years old and if you are under 30 you are considered open woman and Robyn and Cathrine were in the green jersey for Sub Vets. So even if we were 2nd overall we rode in a leaders jersey which made people think we were in the lead…

Day 3: 76km 1250 meters climbing
We had a bit of pressure on us this day, with only 48 seconds up to the win! It was hard from the start and Candice fell behind on the first uphill, we fought our way back to the bunch but we were hanging on at the back and eventually lost them. We caught up on the single tracks again and on the 8km long downhill gravel road, we caught up with them. When passing the first water point at Botrivier we were on their wheel and the 2 ladies teams were at the back of a big group of about 20 riders. Candice struggled to accelerate out of the many corners going through the township and we slowly lost the bunch, it was heart breaking to see the bunch with the other girls disappear, knowing that we had to do all the work ourselves. We were on our own for the rest of the race and every time we saw Robyn and Cath they were in a small bunch. It was mentally hard to see and we were trying hard, but when we had 20km to go and we got a time of 1.55 behind we gave up a bit cause did not think we could get any closer. When we came to the last water point I still saw them on the last long climb, and we got a bit of hope again. After the last long downhill we heard 55 seconds, so we had taken a minute on them. We pushed hard but when we only had a few kilometres left and we still could not see them it was all over.

Read more on Jennie’s website.

The Beer. The Brewmaster & The B(r)o Tie.
November 10, 2014

The epitome of Hipster’ism: taking something old, lost or forgotten and making it cool again. That’s exactly what Porterville based company, My Bro Tie has done!
My Bro Tie creates each of its unique products by hand. “We put a lot of love and effort into making our ties. Pure handmade craftsmanship – that’s our philosophy”.

This year My Bro Tie joined forces with Love the Craft and the Cape Brewery Company, to create ‘The Wolfgang’ – a Bro Tie inspired by master brewer, Wolfgang Koedel. Their love of heritage, authenticity and a handmade quality makes for a perfect fit between CBC and My Bro Tie!

For more information email them at, or visit their Facebook page  follow them on Twitter or visit the website.

Keep an eye open for their online store launching in the near future.

Proud to present the ‪#‎CraftColab‬
November 5, 2014

CBC is proud and excited to announce the launch of our craft collaboration!

With the CRAFT COLAB CBC set out to showcase the talents, skill and craftmanship of inspiring local crafters. A hand-picked group of crafters were invited to take part in this exciting initiative by sharing our passion for collaboration and our philosophy of craft.

The challenge was simple: “design and create a bespoke, co-branded product to symbolise the shared characteristics of your brand with that of the Cape Brewing Company”.

Following a careful process of curation 5 crafters were selected to each contribute one item to the exclusive ‘CBC Crafters Collection’ – a bespoke, limited edition range.

We look forward to introducing each one of the unique beer-inspired crafters items with you during the course of the next 5 weeks!

View the Introduction Video here.

Peri-Peri Chicken Espetada
October 22, 2014


8          Free range chicken breasts, each cut in 3 equal cubes

Combine the following ingredients in a bowl:

6-12      fresh red chillies, depending on how hot you want it
1 tbs     garlic, blanched and chopped
1 tsp     salt flakes
½ tsp    oregano
½ tbs    paprika
100ml   olive oil
50ml/1¾fl oz     red wine vinegar

Place all chicken cubes in bowl and marinate generously with peri-peri sauce. Rest for 45’, then skewer chicken cubes on metal espetadas, 6 pieces per skewer.

Once the braai has reached the perfect glowing ambers, place chicken espetadas over medium heat on Webber and cover with lid, don’t move them for the first 2’! Turn around for 3’ keep turning about every 3’ for a total of approximately 25’, in between baste with more peri-peri sauce according to your liking, make sure the heat is moderate and always keep it covered between turning, once done set aside to rest for 5’ to let it rest.

Serve with garlic bread, mielie comb and CBC Pilsner.


BridgeCPT: High mountains and deep valleys…
October 22, 2014

“What a journey it has been the last 7 days at the Bridge Cape Pioneer Trek, granted UCI status for the first time this year and attracted many top international riders!

I teamed up once again with Robyn De Groot, who I won Sani2C and PE2Plett with earlier this year, we ride very well together and without having to use many words we understand each other both on and off the bike! It is in difficult situations that you really see if you are a good team, we got tested a lot during this week, it started with great success and ended with some tough days. This is what happened…” – Jennie Stenerhag

Day 1: Prologue 15km at Buffelsdrift. #BuffelsBattle

“We started at 12 o’clock, when it was at its warmest! I do not know if I’ve ever been so nervous on a start line, my heart rate was already close to racing beats as they were counting down for us to start. My adrenaline went into my legs and I took off like a bullet, which I paid for closer to the end!  We started as the last women’s team and after a few kilometers we passed the team who started in front of us, and after about 6km we passed the team that would become our biggest competition during the week, Cathrine Williamsson from England and Alice Pirard from Belgium, team Asrin. We managed the technical bits nicely and with a few kilometers left, we passed the team which started three minutes before us, Yolandi Du Toit from South Africa and Aurelie HALBWACHS from Mauritius, team Garmin. We gave everything at the end and won the prologue by 19 seconds ahead of Cherise Stander and Candice Neethling, team iRideforBurry. We were happy to start the proper stages in the pink leaders jersey!”


Day 2: Stage 1, Oudtshoorn to Calitzdorp, 100km, 1600 meters climbing #RedstoneRumble

“We packed up all our stuff and moved in to our camper which would be our home for the next  5 nights and headed to the start in central Oudtshoorn, it was sunny and nice and would be a hot day, unlike this stage last year, which was the muddiest I have ever ridden in, so we were grateful for the heat! When the lead car let us go the race was in full swing and it was hard from the start. We got away as the first women’s team but did not find any good groups to sit in and were mostly on our own, I struggled to find my legs a bit. Soon Cathrine and Alice caught up with us together with a bunch, and a bit later when the track did a U turn and we saw other riders we could see Theresa Ralph (my Epic partner) and Esther Suss of team Meerendal, not far behind. We put the hammer down on the uphills and managed to get away from both teams. We saw Cathrine and Alice again during the course so we had to ride hard all the time because we did not know how far behind they were. Towards the end we had a really heavy uphill and I battled a bit but enjoyed the technical descent on the other side before the final 15 last kilometers on gravel road. It was difficult today to determine how much energy should be spent because tomorrow’s stage was the most important in the whole week! We won today’s stage with about 4.5 minutes over Cathrine and Alice.”

Jennie Race Report BCPT 2

Day 3: Stage 2, Calitzdorp to the top of the Swartberg Pass, 87km, 2700 meters climbing #SwartbergShowdown

“R125.000 (9000 euros) for first place on today’s stage !! Nothing for second place! It is said that it is the MTB stage (or one-day race) with the largest prize money in the world. obviously we were a little extra nervous because we would love to win this stage! To win, we had to be first up the last hill, a climb of 10km with 1200 meters of ascent that finishes with an average gradient of about 12-15% over the last 3 kilometers!”

Jennie Race Report BCPT 3 Jennie Race Report BCPT 4

Read Stage 4 to 6 Race Reports on Jennie’s website > click here.
Follow Jennie on Twitter @JennieStenerhag

#CBCgoingplaces Sep/Oct entries!
October 17, 2014

It’s October! Which means at the end of this month another #CBCgoingplaces entrant will WIN a case of CBC craft beer! If you haven’t entered yet, you still have until the 31st of October to do so!

1.) Take a photo with a CBC craft beer with a clearly identifiable place in the background.
2.) Post it on our Facebook page and/or Twitter with the hashtag #CBCgoingplaces and at mention us @CapeBrewingCo

Have a look at some of the entries we’ve received already!


Andries Adriaan Louw

Hunter Las Vegas

Rhoda Rutherford

Jason Dean Cooper

Roberto Gallotta

Russel Moss

Shalimpo, Botswana by Michelle du Preez

Bridge Cape Pioneer Trek
October 14, 2014

Very proud of these ladies! Jennie Stenerhag & Robyn de Groot winning the first four stages and an overall 2nd place at the Bridge Cape Pioneer Trek this year! And walking away with R125 000 as the #SwartbergShowdown queens of 2014!

Race report by Jennie Stenerhag coming soon!

Finale 1 Finale 3 Finale 4 Finale 5 Finale 6

NEW! Imperial IPA!
October 9, 2014

By using only two American hops called Galena and Mosaik the intense hop aroma reflects the aroma profile of these hops. Fruity characters like gooseberries , passion fruit, granadilla paired with grassy resinous flavours from the dry hopping. A solid malt backbone supports the strong and complex hop bitterness.

Alcohol: 7.5 %
80 IBU

Oktoberfest Beer is here!
October 3, 2014

Come and enjoy the limited edition Oktoberfest Beer at Barley & Biltong at Spice Route Paarl!

OKTOBERFEST 2014 | 3 – 12 October