Marathon World Champs in Pietermaritzburg!
June 30, 2014

“I got a 7th place at my second World Champs, a few steps up from my 28th place last year. The course was awesome and really tough as a World Champ course should be! We rode through some amazing places and I think all the foreign cyclists really got an African experience out there, if they had time to look around. Tomorrow I will leave my one home to go to the other one!” – Jennie Stenerhag


“I was a bit nervous before the start, but just enough to feel ready to race. I got a good start after a bit of elbowing with the other girls for position. We became a group of 7 very early on and it spread out on the single track but came back together on the gravel roads. After about 5km 3 girls got away and it was the 3 of them that would take the podium positions in the end.

We went down a muddy downhill single track just after the first water point, I was on Arianes wheel and then as I crossed a bridge my wheels just disappeared under me… and I found myself on the ground with the bike on top, I lost some time since I struggled to get the chain back on. I soon saw Robyn again, she had passed me when I fell, then I fell again. My wheels gave way in some mud and there I was laying once more. I worked hard to catch Robyn on the first long uphill to water point 2 which was after 14km. We were together there in 6th and 7th position. We rode nicely together and we chatted a bit and decided to work together to try and catch the 2 Swiss riders, Esther and Ariane, who we could see now and then (but we never managed to do so).

After 28km we got to the portage section, it was a 2km stretch with 5 sections of tricky steep descending where we had to walk, I think we lost some time there but rather safe then sorry! The second long climb went well and also the technical descend that took us to the start of the last long climb of the day. Around half way up I lost Robyn, I just could not hold on, I could see her about 100-300 meters ahead up until water point 6 which was after 61km but without getting closer. The last 13km were the most technical and most fun part of the course, I had lots of fun and it was a great feeling to finish off the World Champs on the hand built single tracks that were also used in the XC world cup a few months ago.”

Read more about Jennie’s stay with Topeak and her experience at the World Champs here.

Why not do a race?
June 23, 2014

There’s no doubt about it! Jennie Stenerhag is a true Champion. On her way to the World Championship in Pietermaritzburg she decided to do the #MTBHilton MTN National MTB Series race as a late entry on Sunday June 22nd. The early #MTB bird @jenniestenerhag sent out a tweet at 06:58: “Such a nice day here in Hilton, why not do a race? #lateentry @CapeBrewingCo” Read more about Jennie’s unplanned race here.

We are very proud of your podium finish Jennie!

5th at the European Champs
June 17, 2014

Jennie’s first ever European Championship!

“It was again a late start on Sunday, at 11.45, enough time to sit around and get nervous. We were lucky with the weather, it was sunny and warm even though it always rains here!”

“I had decided to be offensive and go out in the top and especially on the first single track. The 5km start loop got us going on a 3km gravel road hill, Sally led us out and on her wheel was Borghild Lövsedt from Norway and Christina Kollman from Austria (who I got to know during the Epic), I felt a bit stuck behind and did not find my space so I went to the front where I felt comfortable. The 3 of them passed me on a bend but I went to the front again a bit harder so that I could go first in to the 2km single track back to the venue. Since it was impossible to pass on that one, I came to the venue in the lead! By going in to the single track first I challenged my self since there was a narrow bridge, exactly the width of my handle bar, that I was a bit unsure of, by leading the bunch I HAD to make it! And I did;)

Loop two started with a hill on the tar that carried on to gravel when it got steeper, I was leading us up but when it got steeper Sally, Borghild and Christina got in front and got a few meters gap, I crested the top in 4th place. The technical downhill went well but on the next uphill I was passed by Tereza Hurikova from Chezch (she ended up winning), I could see her in front of me for another 10km without getting closer, I also saw Sally now and then up until 30km. After that I did not see anyone ahead or behind  so I was in 5th place through the whole race. It was a great course, lots of single tracks which I loved, and a lot of ups and downs, we climbed 1900 meters in 75km of riding but it did not feel like that much climbing. Tereza won ahead of Sally who had passed the other 2, Borghild ended 3rd and Christina 4th.

I am happy with my 5th place at my first European Championship! The course was fun and Ballyhoura forest is a beautiful place for mountain biking, I would really recommend anyone to go there for a cycling holiday (if not going to South Africa of course!), fantastic! It was great having mom and dad with me to the race for some support and help, I could not have done it on my own! At the moment I am at Heathrow waiting for my connection to Cape Town, I will spend 2 days at home in (a rainy) Stellenbosch before heading to Pietermaritzburg for the World Championships in 2 weeks time.

A huge thank you to Cape Brewing Company for making my trip to the European Champs a reality! I am really grateful!”

Read more about Jennie’s race here.

CBC Beef Burger
June 10, 2014

CBC Beer burger

Ingredients/method: Serves 4 people               


800 g lean, minced prime quality beef top side
2 finely chopped white onions
4 whole eggs
3 finely chopped gerkins
2tbs hot English mustard
2 dried white bread rolls, soaked in water
Salt, freshly ground pepper, paprika to season

Mix everything together very well, form 4 burger patties and fry in a non stick pan until medium well done.


Toppings & fillings:

Cos lettuce leaves
Sliced ox heart tomatoes
Sliced avo
Crispy stricky bacon
Sliced gerkins
Slivered feta
And what ever else you fancy.

While waiting for the patties to be ready combine quickly the following ingredients for a rose island sauce in a big enough bowl with a hand whisk:

4 tbs of good quality mayonnaise
1 tbs of Heinz tomato sauce
A few drops of Worcestershire sauce
1 teaspoon of brandy
Freshly ground pepper

Source the best possible burger buns from your trusted craft baker, assemble the burger with all your prepared goodies including the rose island sauce.

Don’t forget to have a CBC beer with it, I suggest a Lager.

Lida Loop WIN in Sweden for Stenerhag
June 9, 2014

We are very proud of our pro ambassador Jennie Stenerhag who won the Lida Loop MTB Challenge in Sweden this weekend!


“I had a good, calm but excited feeling before the start and it gave some extra motivation to see all the friends that had come to support. I got a good start up the steep skislope which we start with, and also on the first gravel road. After a while I could hear that Emmy was right behind me, I rode offensive and I felt strong. The first loop ends with a long single track and I could get a good gap here to take the first sprint prize back at the venue. When I just left the venue to go out on lap 2 I could see Hanna coming in.

Early on when we had started lap 2 we were slowed down for an ambulance to get through and Emmy caught up again. We were together for a bit until she disappeared and a guy said that she might have punctured.

I had a good day, one of those days where everything works, if I put power down something happened and even though I had a high heart rate and was pushing hard it felt easy, not like some days when you have a high heart rate and push hard and everything feels like a struggle and you are fighting for every meter. To get these things right is what makes sport so interesting and such a challenge!

I also took the second intermediate sprint and I got the information that I had a 1 minute gap to Hanna in second place. I pushed hard but could feel that it was not very fast, I had no help from anyone around and did most of the work on my own. With about 9km to go a group came from behind in a very high speed, in that group I saw Hanna! I kept calm and I knew that it was going to come down to a sprint so I placed myself on her wheel and stayed there. I was discussing with myself in my mind what was the best tactics for the finish was, I decided to keep being offensive so with 1 kilometre to go I went to the front of the bunch and went first in to the last single track, with 450 meters to go we had a 180 degree uphill switchback and we were still head to head, I took the lead up the grassy hill with Hanna stuck on my wheel, the last 30 meters of the uphill was so steep you had to bend your bike to get up, I pushed as hard as I possibly could and heard the commentator saying that I got a small gap, that gave me the energy I needed to sprint really hard the last 200 meters and could take the win by 12 seconds!

It is always nice and special to win in front of cheering supporters, especially when the main sponsor Cape Brewing Company was there, thank you Henrik for coming to watch!”

Read more on Jennie’s website.

Father’s Day Giveaway
June 9, 2014

Visit CBC on Father’s Day, June 15 and get one free tasting to THANK DAD!

So Andy, what would you like for Father’s Day?

“A braai under the Kalahari night sky with endless supply of CBC Pilsner and 10 of my best friends, a private sushi chef for a year, heli skiing in the Canadian Rockies, a navy blue Maserati Quattro Porte, a model from Victoria’s Secret driving the Maserati, and a visit to and free tasting at CBC.”
– Andy Kung | Operational Manager | CBC

Well, although we might not be able to give you everything, we can give you the best thing! You will receive one free tasting to THANK DAD when you visit CBC on Father’s Day on the 15th of June!

T’s & C’s

  • Free tasting will only be valid on Father’s Day (15th June 2014) from 10:00 – 17:00 (last tasting 16:30)
  • Subject to beer availability. The free tasting will be a Standard Tasting that only includes tasting 4 CBC beers: Amber Weiss, Pilsner, Krystal Weiss and CBC Lager.
  • The free tasting is non refundable, non transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • It really has to be your dad!
STAFF Profile: Anja Van Zyl
June 5, 2014


“Don’t give up what you want most for what you want now.”

Anja’s CBC story…

“I finished my degree in BSc Food Science at Stellenbosch University in 2013. During this time, I started brewing beer at home and I fell in love!

I applied for a Masters at Stellenbosch University in the wheat industry. But after visiting the brewery in late 2013, I chatted to Wolfgang and told him I am very interested in beer brewing and to work at CBC. Three days after my final examination in 2013, I started my career in beer brewing at CBC. I am the Junior Assistant Brewer and currently on a year apprenticeship at CBC. I’m involved in the brewing, the fermentation, filtration, bottling, kegging and quality control processes. I am busy setting up an analytical and microbiological laboratory for the brewery. I also do some brewery tours and tastings.”

Anja’s favourite CBC craft beer is…

“Amber Weiss. The Amber Weiss is a complex, aromatic and full bodied beer with a lot of style and character. I like how the fine bubble texture fills your pallet.”

Her favourite food combination with CBC craft beer is…

“CBC Pilsner & beef fillet with a creamy mustard sauce. The bitterness of the Pilsner cuts through the creaminess of the sauce while the good malt backbone of the Pilsner compliments the savoury taste of the maillard reaction that took place on the meat during the braai.”

She loves craft beer because…

“It’s honest, pure, versatile and it tastes natural.”

What does ‘craft beer’ mean to you?

“An ancient alcoholic beverage made with love and passion using the finest raw ingredients and comprehensive knowledge about the brewing process.”

Jennie at Långa Lugnet 2014
June 4, 2014

All the way from Sweden , here’s quick update on Jennie’s latest race!

“I came back to Sweden 10 days ago, it has been very nice to catch up with friends and family after 9 months away.  It has also been nice to come home and rest, I have slept much more than normal – well needed!” – Jennie Stenerhag

“The start went well but I was a bit surprised when the elite men took it easy up the first kilometre hill and carried on like that for the first 15km, it made for the whole bunch to stay together and also a lot of crashes, it was a bit nerve wracking! I saw Hanna and Emmy around me in the bunch and it was clear that it was the 3 of us that were going to be on the podium. I got a gap when the bunch finally strung out but I could not keep it up and fell back to a bunch with Hanna in and we were next to each other when we passed the venue to go out on the second loop. We were together for the first 28km when she got a small gap up a steep hill and I never caught up. I raced as hard as I could but just did not have that little extra to chase.

When I came to the venue to go out on to the third and last loop I could see Hanna, she was only 50 seconds ahead, I was expecting it to be more. Unfortunately my energy was starting to fade and I had nothing to speed up with. I had to settle for second again, the same as last year.

I must anyway take a few positive things with me, I was 10 minutes faster then last year on the same course (the men were a bit slower) and I was only 17 minutes behind the winning men.

It is now time to recharge for next weekend!”

Read more about Jennie’s race here.


India Pale Ale – It’s here!
June 2, 2014

We are excited to announce that CBC released an India Pale Ale. India Pale Ale (IPA) is a specific beer category under the ale classification and according to the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) the following three subcategories are commonly referred to:

a) English IPA
b) American IPA
c) Imperial IPA

The Mandarina Bavaria is a Germany-style IPA !

The Mandarina Bavaria is a craft India Pale Ale boasting our Brewmaster Wolfgang’s best skills in each bottle. Of Bavarian origin and married to a Mandarin speaking woman, Wolfgang named this beer in accordance with his passion and love. The exclusive use of Mandarina Bavaria hops for extensive dry hopping makes this German-style IPA a first ever in Africa. The bitterness is balanced with a strong malt backbone. This fruity IPA offers strong nectarine, naartjie and lemon notes accentuated by a lively orange colour.

It is best enjoyed with a long lost friend or alone.

Mandarina Bavaria 440ml:

Alc 6.5% Vol 44cl

65 IBU, 15.3% Plato