Peri-Peri Chicken Espetada
October 22, 2014


8          Free range chicken breasts, each cut in 3 equal cubes

Combine the following ingredients in a bowl:

6-12      fresh red chillies, depending on how hot you want it
1 tbs     garlic, blanched and chopped
1 tsp     salt flakes
½ tsp    oregano
½ tbs    paprika
100ml   olive oil
50ml/1¾fl oz     red wine vinegar

Place all chicken cubes in bowl and marinate generously with peri-peri sauce. Rest for 45’, then skewer chicken cubes on metal espetadas, 6 pieces per skewer.

Once the braai has reached the perfect glowing ambers, place chicken espetadas over medium heat on Webber and cover with lid, don’t move them for the first 2’! Turn around for 3’ keep turning about every 3’ for a total of approximately 25’, in between baste with more peri-peri sauce according to your liking, make sure the heat is moderate and always keep it covered between turning, once done set aside to rest for 5’ to let it rest.

Serve with garlic bread, mielie comb and CBC Pilsner.


BridgeCPT: High mountains and deep valleys…
October 22, 2014

“What a journey it has been the last 7 days at the Bridge Cape Pioneer Trek, granted UCI status for the first time this year and attracted many top international riders!

I teamed up once again with Robyn De Groot, who I won Sani2C and PE2Plett with earlier this year, we ride very well together and without having to use many words we understand each other both on and off the bike! It is in difficult situations that you really see if you are a good team, we got tested a lot during this week, it started with great success and ended with some tough days. This is what happened…” – Jennie Stenerhag

Day 1: Prologue 15km at Buffelsdrift. #BuffelsBattle

“We started at 12 o’clock, when it was at its warmest! I do not know if I’ve ever been so nervous on a start line, my heart rate was already close to racing beats as they were counting down for us to start. My adrenaline went into my legs and I took off like a bullet, which I paid for closer to the end!  We started as the last women’s team and after a few kilometers we passed the team who started in front of us, and after about 6km we passed the team that would become our biggest competition during the week, Cathrine Williamsson from England and Alice Pirard from Belgium, team Asrin. We managed the technical bits nicely and with a few kilometers left, we passed the team which started three minutes before us, Yolandi Du Toit from South Africa and Aurelie HALBWACHS from Mauritius, team Garmin. We gave everything at the end and won the prologue by 19 seconds ahead of Cherise Stander and Candice Neethling, team iRideforBurry. We were happy to start the proper stages in the pink leaders jersey!”


Day 2: Stage 1, Oudtshoorn to Calitzdorp, 100km, 1600 meters climbing #RedstoneRumble

“We packed up all our stuff and moved in to our camper which would be our home for the next  5 nights and headed to the start in central Oudtshoorn, it was sunny and nice and would be a hot day, unlike this stage last year, which was the muddiest I have ever ridden in, so we were grateful for the heat! When the lead car let us go the race was in full swing and it was hard from the start. We got away as the first women’s team but did not find any good groups to sit in and were mostly on our own, I struggled to find my legs a bit. Soon Cathrine and Alice caught up with us together with a bunch, and a bit later when the track did a U turn and we saw other riders we could see Theresa Ralph (my Epic partner) and Esther Suss of team Meerendal, not far behind. We put the hammer down on the uphills and managed to get away from both teams. We saw Cathrine and Alice again during the course so we had to ride hard all the time because we did not know how far behind they were. Towards the end we had a really heavy uphill and I battled a bit but enjoyed the technical descent on the other side before the final 15 last kilometers on gravel road. It was difficult today to determine how much energy should be spent because tomorrow’s stage was the most important in the whole week! We won today’s stage with about 4.5 minutes over Cathrine and Alice.”

Jennie Race Report BCPT 2

Day 3: Stage 2, Calitzdorp to the top of the Swartberg Pass, 87km, 2700 meters climbing #SwartbergShowdown

“R125.000 (9000 euros) for first place on today’s stage !! Nothing for second place! It is said that it is the MTB stage (or one-day race) with the largest prize money in the world. obviously we were a little extra nervous because we would love to win this stage! To win, we had to be first up the last hill, a climb of 10km with 1200 meters of ascent that finishes with an average gradient of about 12-15% over the last 3 kilometers!”

Jennie Race Report BCPT 3 Jennie Race Report BCPT 4

Read Stage 4 to 6 Race Reports on Jennie’s website > click here.
Follow Jennie on Twitter @JennieStenerhag

#CBCgoingplaces Sep/Oct entries!
October 17, 2014

It’s October! Which means at the end of this month another #CBCgoingplaces entrant will WIN a case of CBC craft beer! If you haven’t entered yet, you still have until the 31st of October to do so!

1.) Take a photo with a CBC craft beer with a clearly identifiable place in the background.
2.) Post it on our Facebook page and/or Twitter with the hashtag #CBCgoingplaces and at mention us @CapeBrewingCo

Have a look at some of the entries we’ve received already!


Andries Adriaan Louw

Hunter Las Vegas

Rhoda Rutherford

Jason Dean Cooper

Roberto Gallotta

Russel Moss

Shalimpo, Botswana by Michelle du Preez

Bridge Cape Pioneer Trek
October 14, 2014

Very proud of these ladies! Jennie Stenerhag & Robyn de Groot winning the first four stages and an overall 2nd place at the Bridge Cape Pioneer Trek this year! And walking away with R125 000 as the #SwartbergShowdown queens of 2014!

Race report by Jennie Stenerhag coming soon!

Finale 1 Finale 3 Finale 4 Finale 5 Finale 6

NEW! Imperial IPA!
October 9, 2014

By using only two American hops called Galena and Mosaik the intense hop aroma reflects the aroma profile of these hops. Fruity characters like gooseberries , passion fruit, granadilla paired with grassy resinous flavours from the dry hopping. A solid malt backbone supports the strong and complex hop bitterness.

Alcohol: 7.5 %
80 IBU

Oktoberfest Beer is here!
October 3, 2014

Come and enjoy the limited edition Oktoberfest Beer at Barley & Biltong at Spice Route Paarl!

OKTOBERFEST 2014 | 3 – 12 October