Secure your Red Weiss!
April 29, 2015

With only 3000l brewed, our seasonal CBC Red Weiss is coming to an end!

Our CBC Red Weiss is an amber coloured Hefeweissbier, unfiltered with a slight red tone from the most expensive caramel malt in the world. It is only available from the brewery so hurry up and secure yours today!

Guess who’s back!
April 16, 2015

The long awaited new release of our popular Mandarina Bavaria IPA is here! It is available from the brewery as well as select outlets country wide.

It has intriguing flavours of naartjie, clementine and orange peel thanks to the unique Noble Hops being used.

For more info, download the tasting notes here.

The Perfect Pour I Beerhouse
April 9, 2015

We are off to discover who is able to take on the challenge and attempt to pour the perfect pint of beer. Each week our Brand Ambassador Scott will visit an outlet who will showcase their Perfect Pour.

Will Beerhouse take up the challenge and pour the perfect CBC for Scott to enjoy?

Watch Beerhouse’s Perfect Pour here