Craft Beer Film Premiere | Sonskyn Beperk | Pretoria
February 26, 2016

What a great film Premiere in Pretoria last night (25 FEB)! Well done to the film crew and all involved!

Sonskyn Beperk NOW in cinemas! #craftbeerfilm #ProudlySouthAfrican
Looking forward to the Cape Town Premiere on Monday 29 FEB at the Blue Route Mall!

Watch the Official Sonskyn Beperk movie trailer here.


Here’s Maynard Kraak, Director, enjoying a well deserved CBC Pilsner!


Harvest Lager – These beauties are back!
February 26, 2016

Harvest Lager – These beauties are back! To be enjoyed while stomping the grapes with your favourite winemaker, or alone.

A Bavarian Style Craft Lager Beer! Dedicated to all South African winemakers to keep them refreshed and focused during the annual Harvest!