Bacon Wrapped Blue Cheese and Fig Chilli Poppers

The poppers:

12 large stuffing jalapenos (from Woolworths)
12 slices of streaky bacon
250 g blue cheese, crumbled
230 g cream cheese (1 tub)
2 preserved figs, sliced
A small handful of chives, chopped
A bunch of toothpicks

I don’t think we’ve ever met a person anywhere that didn’t like a good chilli popper. Our fireside version of this classic borders on the ridiculous. It’s rich, spicy and they pair perfectly with the hoppy bite of CBC Pale Ale.

To serve: Your favourite salsa


Start by mixing your crumbled blue cheese with the cream cheese then work it with a spoon to combine. Add the chives and give it a season of freshly cracked black pepper.

Next use a small, sharp knife to slice an incision lengthwise into one side of the chilli. Be careful not to slice the chilli in two. Now use the handle of a teaspoon and wedge it into the slit then gently scrape the seeds out the chilli. If you want you can leave a few seeds in there for a spicy kick.

To stuff, gently pinch a chilli between your thumb and forefinger to open the slit then gently scoop in the cheese. You can use your finger or a teaspoon, whatever works best for you. If you want to make things really easy then use a piping bag. Be careful not to overfill the chillies. Next press in 2-3 slices of fig then pinch the chilli closed. Once you’ve got all your chillies stuffed then it’s time to wrap them in bacon. Carefully wrap each chilli in a piece of bacon then stick 2-3 toothpicks through the bacon wrapped chillies to secure.

Braai the poppers over medium heat coals until the bacon is crisp and the chillies have softened. Remove the toothpicks then serve with your favourite salsa. Smash the poppers and wash them down with a Cape Brewing Company Pale Ale.

Recipe by Beer Country SA @BeerCountrySA on Twitter.

Bacon Poppers