The Beer. The Brewmaster & The B(r)o Tie.

The epitome of Hipster’ism: taking something old, lost or forgotten and making it cool again. That’s exactly what Porterville based company, My Bro Tie has done!
My Bro Tie creates each of its unique products by hand. “We put a lot of love and effort into making our ties. Pure handmade craftsmanship – that’s our philosophy”.

This year My Bro Tie joined forces with Love the Craft and the Cape Brewery Company, to create ‘The Wolfgang’ – a Bro Tie inspired by master brewer, Wolfgang Koedel. Their love of heritage, authenticity and a handmade quality makes for a perfect fit between CBC and My Bro Tie!

For more information email them at, or visit their Facebook page  follow them on Twitter or visit the website.

Keep an eye open for their online store launching in the near future.