BBQ Pork Belly Ribs

Serves 4 people

2kg pork belly ribs
5 carrots
2 onions
½ celery
2 bay leaves
1tbs fennel seeds
5 cloves

Sweat rough chopped carrots, onions and celery in pot for a couple of minutes, add ribs, top up with water until covered, add 2 bay leaves, 1 tbs fennel seeds, 5 cloves and cook ribs for +/- 45’ then cool off.

Basting sauce
50ml sunflower oil
8 cloves of garlic
2 rough chopped onions
5 ripe, chopped tomatoes
100ml Worcestershire sauce
200ml low sodium soya sauce
5tbs smoked paprika
1bunch fresh Italian parsley
1bunch fresh coriander
250ml ketchup
In a pot big enough to hold all ingredients sweat the sunflower oil, garlic, chopped onions and tomatoes for a couple of minutes, add the Worcestershire sauce, soya sauce, paprika, parsley, coriander and ketchup and simmer to reduce for 1hr. Blend according to your preference. Bast pork belly ribs generously with basting sauce, put on medium hot braai and char for a couple of minutes on each side. Serve with chakalaka butter enhanced cooked mielie cob. Preserve rest of basting sauce in fridge for the next braai.

Best enjoyed with CBC Mandarina Bavaria IPA.