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At CBC we are passionate about anything outdoor. This page offers details on our involvement in local and international outdoor activities! Share your outdoor experiences with us via #CBCgoingplaces #CBCoutdoor

5th at the European Champs

Jennie’s first ever European Championship!

“It was again a late start on Sunday, at 11.45, enough time to sit around and get nervous. We were lucky with the weather, it was sunny and warm even though it always rains here!”

Jennie at Långa Lugnet 2014

All the way from Sweden , here’s quick update on Jennie’s latest race!

“I came back to Sweden 10 days ago, it has been very nice to catch up with friends and family after 9 months away.  It has also been nice to come home and rest, I have slept much more than normal – well needed!” – Jennie Stenerhag

Stenerhag takes 1st at Sani2C

Just before Jennie heads off to Sweden she and her team mate, Robyn de Groot, took the Sani2C podium’s 1st place!

“This is probably the race in South Africa with the best single tracks, they are fantastic and well prepared, and the race organisation is awesome so it really is a race you want to do!”

Meet Jennie

CBC is now officially the proud sponsor of professional MTB cyclist Jennie Stenerhag, a strong, determined, soft hearted cyclist, Swedish Road Race Champion, Cape Argus Winner and Swedish MTB Marathon Champion!

We’d like you to meet her…

“Always have fun! If it is fun it will be easy to train and anyone can reach the top.”

Clarens MTN Marathon Determination

After a long wait at the airport, two hours sleep and a terrible fall, Jennie Stenerhag still got back up and finished the Clarens MTN Marathon series race in 4th place!

“When I crossed the finish line the medics came running, it must have looked really bad! I got cleaned up and checked and as far as they could see, nothing was broken. I was really lucky, it could have been a lot worse! Oh, and by the way, the bike is all fine!”

From Ceres to Sutherland

We chatted to MTB cyclists Jacques du Plessis and Riaan Erasmus who took on the Trans Karoo 240km endurance MTB race from Ceres to Sutherland in their CBC sponsored kit.

“…you are actually just competing with yourself and your own capabilities – to dig deep to carry on and not give up!”

3rd place in the ABSA Cape Epic

We are super proud of the CBC team Jennie Stenerhag and Theresa Ralph! Firstly, just completing the Absa Cape Epic and secondly, doing so and finishing with an overall 3rd place!

CBC MTB team takes podium at Absa Cape Epic

Jennie Stenerhag and Theresa Ralph presented Cape Brewing Company at the 11th edition of the Absa Cape Epic the past week. Not only did they finish the race, but they excelled and delivered a 3rd place overall in the Women’s Team Category.

It’s Epic!

Congratulations to Jennie Stenerhag and Theresa Ralph on a very promising start to the Absa Cape Epic today, 3rd place in the prologue today! You go girls!

– Go Team CBC!


MTN Tulbagh MTB

CBC is now a proud sponsor of International Cycling Champion Jennie Stenerhag!
Conquering the strong winds and the Combination Prize for the MTB and Road Argus.