CBC No Limits – Cheers to 1 April!

We are thrilled to announce CBC’s Unique Apnoe/Freediving competition!

Pushing boundaries and continuously looking for new challenges, we have identified a unique opportunity within our very own brewery to offer Apnoe or freedivers the possibility to break a land-bound diving record.

This competition is now fully booked, SPECTATORS WELCOME!!

Thanks to the planned installation of new tanks for our fast expanding brewery, we can offer a pressurized environment to simulate diving excursions up to a depth of 45m. The current record stands at 21’53” in a suspended stage, within an IPA of 58.5 IPU.


Thanks to the unique combination of American hops and the naturally occurring CO2 from the beer in fermentation, the beer has a more beneficiary effect than ordinary water. This should allow record seekers to challenge the current best mark, pushing it way beyond its current level without any technical support. This picture was taken through a bull’s eye at fermenter No. 9, when our chief operations officer  personally took a first dive in order to check feasibility, security and safety for this groundbreaking competition. One can clearly see the green hew of the hops in diluted suspension. This is a world first and has no track record! Due to some private contacts in the international Apnoe circles we already have one entrant from France, two from Sweden and interestingly enough one from the Ukraine as well.

The competition will be held on the first Tuesday of April, from 15:00 until midnight. In order to not jeopardize the normal operation at the brewery Scott Kelly, CBC brand ambassador, a

nd Andy Kung will do their training at night over the next two and a half weeks. Regular photo updates will be posted to our social media pages and our brand new website: www.capebrewing.co.za

This is obviously a question of honour for both Andy and Scott as they will actively participate as “CBC seals”.

For further information please contact info@capebrewing.co.za.

We look forward to welcoming you all on the competition day.

Cheers to you!

Your CBC Team

Download the registration form here.