Freedom of Movement | Craft Colab

Freedom of Movement sources most of its raw materials from local tanneries and textile
manufacturers. A team of in-house artisans (led by two very talented craftsmen with
years of experience in exclusive leather design) handcrafts all the products.

Production methods are based on the traditional principles of leather
craftsmanship, utilising the same tools that have been used to create authentic
leather goods for decades.

Freedom of Movement is a collective of ideas formulated to design and produce both conventional and unusual leather products and accessories. The team produces a wide range of original pieces, from duffelbags to footwear.

Founded in 2013 by two brothers (one a chartered accountant with an appetite for entrepreneurship, and the other a civil engineer with a passion for design), the company started in a small room at the University of Stellenbosch, with nothing but an idea, a sewing machine, and a single artisan.

The goal of the collective is to design products that last a lifetime. The artisans are not only tasked with creating products that look nice, but that are as user-friendly and functional as possible. It is not only the raw, vintage look of Freedom of Movement leather that attracts discerning consumers, but also the longevity of the final products.

For the Freedom of Movement team, “craft” is the ability to create quality, loved final products from the myriad creative thoughts and ideas that fill the mind on an ongoing basis.

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