Harvest Lager is back!

Yes, it’s true, the ever so ‘sexy’ Harvest Lager is back!

The CBC Harvest Lager, a Maerzen style, is like an Oktoberfest beer just more complex and layered. CBC is the only brewery in South Africa brewing a Harvest Lager in Maerzen style.

We brewed the Harvest Lager in honour of our winemakers at Spice Route and Fairview. Just a little something to cheer them up while they are busy harvesting (and stomping) the grapes.

You see wine and beer doesn’t have to fight each other, it’s simply a matter of preference at any given time / occasion.

If you are sampling or drinking the CBC Harvest you might notice the following:

1. It is more complex as it is layered with 9 different imported malts used in the brewing process and 5 different types of hops.

2. It is more complex than any normal Lager.

3. The Harvest Lager has an Amber colour and 6.5 % alcohol. The 26 IBU’s and its uniqueness  make it a must for every beer lover.

4. It is a seasonal brew which means we only brew 9000 litres and will only brew it again in 2016 during Harvest time.

5.  80 % of the Harvest Lager brewed will be bottled and only a few kegs will be available to taste at CBC.

All Wolfgang’s brewing colleagues that have tasted it so far loved it: “So smooth and velvety, one of the sexiest beers I’ve had!”. – Thus, a must for every craft beer fanatic.

“Cheers to all my brewing colleagues, it makes me so proud to be part of the craft beer industry and of the South African Craft Beer Movement!” – Your Brewmaster, Wolfgang.