We want more Harvest Lager!

Just to be fair to all our colleagues that couldn’t sit back and relax with an ice cold CBC Harvest Lager during the Harvest season, this popular limited edition Lager is now back in stock! But this time it’s only available at the brewery. Priced at R25/bottle and R250 per case of 12 the Harvest Lager is a Maerzen Style beer, which was only brewed since 1840’s in Bavaria, Germany, is a must-try!

Due to the wine harvest at Spice Route we named the beer “Harvest Lager” in honour of our colleagues. The label reads: “To be enjoyed while stomping grapes with your favourite wine maker or alone.”

Wolfgang Koedel:

“The Harvest Lager is a Maerzen Style beer which was only brewed since 1840’s in Bavaria/Germany. It is a full bodied malty and caramel flavoured beer with the best noble hops from Bavaria with 6.1 Vol % Alcohol and 28 bitter units. The original Maerzen was also the first beer served at the Oktoberfest in Munich. The amber colour and its clean dry and hoppy finish make it a must for every beer lover.”

Andy Kung: 

“The HL is actually a “Maerzen” which is a Festbier, meaning a party or celebration beer. “Fest’ type beers are made for special occasion and are usually stronger than everyday lagers. Ours has 6.1% Vol alc. Traditionally it was brewed in spring, (Europe, März=March) to signal the end of the traditional brewing season. Then stored in cold caves over the summer months and consumed at traditional celebrations in Autumn, like Oktoberfest. The beer has a rich malt aroma with a slight hint to spicyness, clean lager aroma, subtle hop aroma, beautiful saturated golden colour.”