Jennie at Långa Lugnet 2014

All the way from Sweden , here’s quick update on Jennie’s latest race!

“I came back to Sweden 10 days ago, it has been very nice to catch up with friends and family after 9 months away.  It has also been nice to come home and rest, I have slept much more than normal – well needed!” – Jennie Stenerhag

“The start went well but I was a bit surprised when the elite men took it easy up the first kilometre hill and carried on like that for the first 15km, it made for the whole bunch to stay together and also a lot of crashes, it was a bit nerve wracking! I saw Hanna and Emmy around me in the bunch and it was clear that it was the 3 of us that were going to be on the podium. I got a gap when the bunch finally strung out but I could not keep it up and fell back to a bunch with Hanna in and we were next to each other when we passed the venue to go out on the second loop. We were together for the first 28km when she got a small gap up a steep hill and I never caught up. I raced as hard as I could but just did not have that little extra to chase.

When I came to the venue to go out on to the third and last loop I could see Hanna, she was only 50 seconds ahead, I was expecting it to be more. Unfortunately my energy was starting to fade and I had nothing to speed up with. I had to settle for second again, the same as last year.

I must anyway take a few positive things with me, I was 10 minutes faster then last year on the same course (the men were a bit slower) and I was only 17 minutes behind the winning men.

It is now time to recharge for next weekend!”

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