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For Klompje, craft is about doing what you love and remaning as honest and authentic as possible. For Klompje, craft is about doing what you love and remaining as honest and authentic as possible. Inspired by CBC craft beer, Klomp Ceramics created sets of coasters for the CBC Craft Colab.

Just over a year ago, Cape Town-based creative Alexia Klompje was asked a life-changing question: “What do you love to do?” offered her husband, who was met with the unhesitating response: “ceramics”.

It may have taken place in a dream, but the consequences of the short exchange soon became the daily reality of the young creative.
Inspired by a need to heal herself after surviving a brain tumour, Klompje finally started handcrafting ceramics after this significant flash of inspiration. Her highly personal work is inspired by her life, experiences and the things with which she surrounds herself.

Formalising her passion and healing journey, Klompje founded Klomp Ceramics, the brand under which she creates one-of-a-kind porcelain and stoneware pieces proudly made and glazed by hand at her studio in Cape Town.

The multi-talented (and somewhat busy) Klompje, who actually completed her formal training is architecture, is also a working stylist. “In a nutshell, I studied architecture, became a stylist, had a brain tumour, started playing with clay while I healed, started Klomp Ceramics, went back into styling, and am now both a healthy ceramicist and a busy stylist!” she explains. Despite her myriad commitments, Klompje remains singularly focused on each task at hand at any given time, explaining that she relies on both roles to satisfy different aspects of her creative personality.

Unsurprisingly, Klompje has been making art for as long as she can remember. “To create and to live go hand-in-hand,” she affirms. “Each piece is part of my story, and Klomp Ceramics is a collection of this unique narrative.”

A true artisan, Klompje revels in every stage of the creative process. “From a lump of clay to a finished product, there are so many steps, stages, stories to be told and lessons to be learned,” she shares. “It’s an exquisite expression of my deepest, most personal self. To make something with my own hands that tells a story feels so sacred and ancient to me. A privilege.”

For more information or to place an order visit www.klompceramics.com, email info@klompceramics.com or call +27 82 895 5018. For regular updates and inspiration, join the Klomp Facebook (KlompCeramics) and Twitter (@KlompCeramics) communities, or follow Klompje herself on Pinterest (Alexia Klompje) and Instagram (AlexiaKlompje).