Our Brewery

Born from a thirst for real beer. When visiting our modern, state-of-the-art-brewery, or tasting one of our fine craft beers, even the most casual observer will recognise that we not only live, but celebrate beer.

CBC became a reality when the Swedish brewer, Henrik Dunge joined the team of two beer enthusiasts, Charles Back and Andy Kung and helped to put their words into action to establish a brewery that makes beer as it should be made — in  true craft style. It was agreed that only the finest ingredients would be good enough for our beer. This was to be our passion and pride.

It started with a trickle.

After we identified the land on which the brewery was built, Charles remembered a brook that he’d cross as a boy when chasing Guinea Fowl on Paarl Mountain. Knowing that great water is the foundation of great beer, he set off in search of the source.

Not long after the spring was rediscovered, water samples were analysed and flow rates measured. We knew that we had found what we were looking for:  an abundance of crystal-clear water to supply our brewery.

Since we were setting up the brewery from scratch, we had the luxury of tailoring it to our specific needs. As with our raw ingredients, we settled for nothing less than the best. A brewery was built that could supply our capacity while reducing energy consumption by 65%.

It was a proud day on 10 December 2012 when our doors opened to the public. Within the first year we drew more than 30 000 visitors to our brewery and over 45 000 visitors in 2014.

Today, the word continues to spread as more and  more people share in our passion for finely-crafted beers. We invite you to discover CBC’s beer — brewed without compromise at the foot of Paarl Mountain.

CBC is hard at work to meet next summer's increased demand! Thanks to all loyal #craftbeer aficionados for making this possible! Keep enjoying our products and watch out for new things to come!


In our first year we drew more than 30 000 visitors to the brewery and in 2014 over 45 000 visitors!

We brew our four core CBC brews — Pilsner, Lager, Krystal Weiss and Amber Weiss — as well as seasonal special editions. (Harvest Lager, Mandarina Bavaria, Oktoberfest, Imperial IPA & Red Weiss)

Numbers / Volume:

  • 30 000hl annual capacity.
  • 30hl Brewhouse
  • 90hl fermenters, x26
  • 90hl bright beer tanks, x9
  • Bottling line max 3000btl/hour
  • Kegline filling capacity 60kegs/hour (30L kegs)
  • Mountain Spring supplying +60 000lt/day
  • It takes 4-6 litres water to produce 1-litre beer.