Our Team

No mention of our brewery would be complete without introducing the hardworking individuals behind CBC. As with our beers, a fine blend of local and imported ingredients comprise our team’s substance. South Africans work alongside Germans, Swedes and Swiss – each imparting their particular character and heritage to form who we are at CBC. Meet the people behind our beer.


Wolfgang, our brewmaster, is a passionate, disciplined individual who believes that when you select the best raw materials from the start, quality will reflect in the final product.

His pride and love of the craft is only equalled by his sense of humor. When probed about how he became a brewer, he quips: “My father must have heard that every brewer gets 140 liters of free beer per month because he arranged to get me into an apprenticeship at the nearby brewers. I never saw a drop of that beer!

He believes that brewing is his destiny and has travelled the world, establishing operations on three continents.