PE to Plett WIN

CONGRATULATIONS to Jennie Stenerhag & Robyn de Groot! First Ladies an 5th overall at the PE to Plett stage race!

“PE to Plett was harder than we expected, it was 4 very good training days for us as a team, since distances and the terrain is very similar to the Cape Pioneer! We look forward to that race! Now it will be four days of rest before it is time for one of the classic MTB one-day races, Karoo2Coast, hope the legs will have enough time to recover!”

“It was a long trip I did from the Northenmost point in Norway to the Southern part of Africa last week Sunday/Monday, the trip went well and took just over 30 hours. I had 3 days in Stellenbosch to catch up with things before it was time to pack the bags (and car) and drive the 6 hours to Plettenberg Bay where the 4 days PE to Plett stage race started on Saturday. It was the second year for this race and last year it started in PE and finished in Plett, this year they turned the route around but kept the name. I was teaming up with Robyn De Groot again, we won Sani2C together in May and we will also do the Cape Pioneer together in October and we had decided to do the PE toPlett as a good trainingcamp together in preparation for the Pioneer.

The PetoPlett’s pay-off line is ”The Tough One” and it certainly lived up to that!!”
– Jennie Stenerhag

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