Peri-Peri Chicken Espetada


8          Free range chicken breasts, each cut in 3 equal cubes

Combine the following ingredients in a bowl:

6-12      fresh red chillies, depending on how hot you want it
1 tbs     garlic, blanched and chopped
1 tsp     salt flakes
½ tsp    oregano
½ tbs    paprika
100ml   olive oil
50ml/1¾fl oz     red wine vinegar

Place all chicken cubes in bowl and marinate generously with peri-peri sauce. Rest for 45’, then skewer chicken cubes on metal espetadas, 6 pieces per skewer.

Once the braai has reached the perfect glowing ambers, place chicken espetadas over medium heat on Webber and cover with lid, don’t move them for the first 2’! Turn around for 3’ keep turning about every 3’ for a total of approximately 25’, in between baste with more peri-peri sauce according to your liking, make sure the heat is moderate and always keep it covered between turning, once done set aside to rest for 5’ to let it rest.

Serve with garlic bread, mielie comb and CBC Pilsner.