STAFF Profile: Scott Kelly

All the way from Atlanta, Georgia our CBC Brand Ambassador Scott Kelly has been with CBC for just over a year and is still as passionate about CBC as the first time he visited the brewery and told his fiancé…

“…I might camp outside on the lawn out front until they hire me!”

What inspired you to become part of the Craft Brew Crew?

“The 1st time I visited the brewery it was still under construction. I ran into Wolfgang who was busy working at the time. He took time to show me around, not having known me from Adam’s house cat. By the end of the tour my arms were full of goosebumps. I also think I told my fiancé that I might camp on the lawn out front until they hire me!

What excites you most about CBC?

“The team of people we have in place and the future of CBC.”

You favourite craft beer is…

“All of the beers that are brewed at CBC are my favourite. I’m a seasonal beer lover. Especially when it comes to picking a favourite. For example I’m really digging CBC Harvest Lager at the moment, there’s just something about the way an Oktoberfest / Märzen tastes when the weather is getting cooler, YUM!”

What is your favourite food pairing with a CBC craft beer?

“A semi spicy Burger with a CBC Pilsner.”

I love craft beer because…

“Craft beer can take on an array of colour, aroma and flavours unlike commercially made lagers. Although they are very well made lagers to style, it’s not what I prefer.”

Your favourite thing to say…

“I could drink that all day long!”

What does “craft beer” mean to you?

“I think all beers are craft in some way. All the brewers I know both big and small all have a passion for brewing. At the end of the day your passion is essentially your craft. I don’t think there is one set meaning for craft beer.”