STAFF Profile: Xin Li-Koedel

It’s not everyday that you get to meet the first lady.  At CBC we have our own first lady, our Brewmaster Wolfgang Koedel’s wife, Xin Li-Koedel.  All the way from Shanghai China, Xin has been with CBC since day one.  Representing the beers, informing and educating people about CBC’s background and history, she is proud to be part a team that works together so well and to be able to contribute in their field.

A note from Xin I would travel anywhere for a good beer. Which I did, with my husband

What does ‘craft beer’ mean to you?  Craft means ‘handwork’ in German, done by hand with love and passion, using the best ingredients in the world.  That’s craft!  Cheers.

Favourite CBC beer & food pairing:  Krystal Weiss with Sushi;  Amber Weiss with Weisswurst;  Lager & Pilsner with anything, anytime.