Wiid Design | Something spectacular at the brewery!

Wiid Design creates pared-down, perfectly proportioned pieces that are defined by handmade elements and obsessive attention to detail. Skillfully combining traditional handcrafting and avant-garde techniques, Wiid transforms materials into life-enriching and durable-furniture such as stools, benches, side tables, planters and dining tables, as well as lighting and tableware.

The CBC Craft Colab will showcase some if Wiid Design’s signature cork and ceramic pieces, as well as collaborative works by artists Ceramic Matters.
The inspiration for the CBC Craft Colab comes from the fact that both companies have a passion for quality and detail in their craft/art, therefore this is a perfect opportunity for Wiid Design to showcase their products in CBC’s wonderful brewery.

Watch his #CraftColab2 video here. Follow them @WiidDesign.