A Win at Finnmarksturen in Ludvika

Women’ Day extended into being a great Women’s Weekend!

Congratulations to Jennie on Winning the Finnmarksturen #MTB race in Ludvika on Sunday (10 August)!

“This race is close to the place where I grew up so it feels a bit like a “home race” with lots of people I know along the route.” – Jennie Stenerhag (find Jennie’s race report below)

“Finnmarksturen in Ludvika was my first real race when I started cycling 11 years ago. The race was 120km in 2003 and I was really happy to be 1 hour behind the winning elite girl, it motivated me and my cycling career had started! I thought I was going to be a mountain biker but it changed to road and I only returned to Finnmarksturen in 2012 to finish in 3rd position, which I also did last year. This race is close to the place where I grew up so it feels a bit like a “home race” with lots of people I know along the route. All these things made it very special to step up on the highest place on the podium, a special race for me.

Halfway up the start hill it was me, Hanna and Emmy together, I pushed hard close to the top and we dropped Emmy. After about 10km, at the first spectator’s point, I heard the commentator saying that Hanna was on my wheel. I worked hard in the beginning to close gaps and try to go with better guys where possible. We came on to a gravel road and more people caught up and we were a big group when we approached a technical single track, 2 guys attacked to be first on to the single track and I went with them to enter 3rd. That was a good move since that was the last time I saw Hanna. Without getting any time gaps I had to work hard all the time, one can never be sure, especially when we are racing with the men. I took the hill sprint after 42km and after 50km my parents told me I had a 1 minute gap. It grew to 3,5 minutes by the finish.

It is a fun route with lots of single tracks and shorter hills, it is challenging and tough! I like this route a lot!

A special “well done” goes to my brother who did his first MTB race ever and loved it! He is now really motivated for CykelVasan, his big goal next weekend!”

View more of Jennie’s race photos in Ludvika here.