Wrap up the Swedish MTB season with a WIN!

CONGRATULATIONS to Jennie Stenerhag on a great MTB season in Sweden! Well done on WINNING Bockstensturen! We look forward to have you back in SA!

“It was a great feeling to win my last race of the Swedish season and also to win Bockstensturen for the 3rd consecutive time.” – Jennie Stenerhag

“I was not so nervous for this race, I almost felt that I was not focused enough and my legs also felt a bit stiff from the beginning and I struggled to get going. Bockstensturen is a 100km marathon race, it is a fast start and then you enter an area with lots of single tracks and then again fast roads to the finish. Emmy was going to be my biggest competition in this race and we were close to each other in the big bunch in the beginning, I passed her on the first hill after 15 kilometers only to have her stick to my wheel for the next 30 k’s! It was a bit irritating since she would not let go and also not come to the front to help, the guys in our bunch also did not want to help so I was pulling the group all the way. I felt stronger and stronger and I wanted her behind me when we got to the single tracks so I kept pulling the bunch. When we were approaching the first intermediate sprint and we came on to a gravel road I made the guys help, Emmy would never come to the front so she lost my wheel when the speed picked up and since I kept helping at the front. I made sure I was close to the front of the bunch when we hit the next single track, it is a better chance to get away and that was what happened, I heard someone having problems in the mud and a bit later I turned around and Emmy was gone. I could take the sprint and after that I never saw Emmy again but I never felt sure since I never knew how far behind she was.

It was a very muddy course and it made the race tough, a lot of energy went to just keeping the balance in the mud, it is also a longer race then normal in the national series, I was very tired when I came to the finish since I had been pushing as close to my max as I possibly could until the line! It was a great feeling to win my last race of the Swedish season and also to win Bockstensturen for the 3rd consecutive time.

This made me take over the lead in the national series, but there is still one more race which I will not do so it all depends on the result of that race if I win or not.

I am really happy with my Swedish season 2014, I have done 8 races in Sweden/Norway and I won 6 and came second in 2!”