De Poes Belgian Export Pilsner (24x340ml)


Price is for a case of 24 x 340ml, which is the minimum order.

De Poes Export is a blond low-fermentation beer that has been brewed in accordance with the rules of art and experience. With a light barley flavour and aroma that can be expected of an export. As a tribute to the extremely popular fermented export beer – Dortmunder Pils, De Poes Export is brewed with only one cereal (barley) and high-quality bitterness and aroma hops. Both of these originate 100% from Belgian soil.

By using very high-quality bitterness and aroma hops, we ensure that the bitterness is well-balanced. The used herbs provide a pleasant freshness and the reference to flowers and citrus.

  • Alcohol: 4.8 Vol%
  • Origin: Belgium

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Weight 12.6 kg

340ml, 440ml