Ey’Bro Limited Edition Lager (24 x 330ml)


24 x Ey’Bro 330ml Lager Cans

Colour:  Golden yellow aroma, light fruit tone

Taste:  Ey’Bro is an easy-drinking light lager with a little hop of bitterness.

Vol:  330ml

ALC:  5,0% Vol.

Ey’Bro 5.0 – A Tribute to Bromance – Is there anything better than hanging out with your bros?  This concept is a tribute to the friendship, to all the great moments you had and will have with your very best friends.  Exciting contrast between the tough design and the playful, loving content.  The design is modern and the motifs on the can are the illustrations of different types of tattoos.

Ey’Bro is an easy-drinking light layer with mild bitterness.  It is brewed from water from Abro’s own source.

For more information click on the link:  https://www.abro.se/vara-drycker/eybro


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