West Coast IPA (24x340ml)


The price is for a case of 24  x 340ml, which is the minimum order.

  • Alcohol: 6.5 Vol%
  • Bitter Units: 55 IBU
  • Colour: Deep gold leaning toward light amber
  • Fermentation: Warm fermentation using a top-fermenting yeast strain
  • Malt: Imported specialty malt and the best-selected barley malt
  • Hops: Aroma hops
  • Yeast: Specially cultured Lager yeast
  • Water: Crystal clear Paarl mountain water
  • Characteristics: West Coast IPA was given its name as it originated on the (you guessed it) West Coast of America.  It is known for having a pungent ripe fruit aroma and flavour, backed by the classic IPA bitterness.
  • Label Description: A legendary style of beer.   We honour it and finely selected punchy hops to create the character the beer has become known for.  In true CBC tradition, our unique twist makes this a super flavourful and accessible IPA.

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