Elephantom Rum 750ml




Elephantom Rum brings you the legend of a famous bull elephant from the Knysna Forest on the Southern Coast of South Africa. Hunting decimated this once flourishing herd of unique forest elephants – but a lone bull was known to appear and then magically disappear to those seeking the last remaining elephants.

Was it real or a phantom of the imagination? Elephantom Rum, the mystical one, is created in honour of that lone bull elephant. A magnificent creature that stoked the imagination – taking you deep into the folklore of a wild and exotic place.

Dark and mysterious, our rum is triple distilled from pure fermented cane molasses in a copper pot still and aged in bourbon casks – delivering a rich, rounded and fruity flavour, full of depth and complexity. Caramel notes dominate to start, fading to reveal cooked peaches, light spices, vanilla and hints of apple. A journey best taken relaxing by a fire.



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