Origen Mezcal 750ml


Indigenous cultures considered the agave sacred. They found sustenance and shelter from the whole plant. As food, it was a vital source of carbohydrates and nutrients. Its needles were used for sewing clothes, writing, drawing, and ritualistic bloodletting ceremonies. The leaves were used for baskets, floor mats, clothing, and building materials.

Agave is a perennial succulent, found all over the world, but most notably in the Southwestern United States, Mexico, India, South Africa, and tropical South America. Worldwide, there are over 200 species of wild and cultivated agave, diverse in size, form, and color. Approximately 40 of them are used in the creation of agave spirits.

An agave plant typically takes 8 to 25 years to mature and is harvested only once. They ripen in the field, and harvesting the agave is a grueling, physical process done by highly skilled farmers called jimadores.

They say greatness is in the details. Our all-wood tops are hand carved in a small woodshop in the town of Tequila discovered on a road trip from Puebla to Baja. We drove into Tequila where we were planning on spending the night and a man named Rolando approached us on a bike and asked if we wanted a tour. We responded by saying we were looking for wooden tops for our bottles and he said “follow me”. It was a find and the timing was serendipitous. We paid a “propina” to the man and have been buying tops from that small woodshop ever since.

Our  labels  are  produced  in  an  old  textile mill  built  in 1839  located  deep  in  the  Oaxacan  jungle.  They  are made  with  a  mixture  of white  cotton,  coyuche  cotton, pochote  cotton,  majahua,  blackberry,  mica,  coffee  and coco  husks.  Our  labels  start  as  a  paste and  are then spread out on grids which allows each individual piece to dry slowly outdoors. Rich  in  texture,  100%  handmade  and  environmentally sustainable; you can see and feel the difference. For ink, we screenprint our labels 6 at a time and they require 2 prints to get  the  effect we like. First the black which must then dry followed by the copper. Nothing digital happening here at Origen.

Origen Mezcal delivers a true taste of Mexico in every drop. Sipping Origen reminds you to relax, savor the small things and take it slow. Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it…


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