Drum Gin 750ml


Drum Gin is a salute to the characters, the entertainers, the lovers of life. A gathering in celebration to the beat of the drum.  Each gin is a story in a bottle, and ours is no different.  An African Dry gin to capture African soul, of which there is an abundance to draw upon, and build with.  That is the inspiration behind Drum Gin.  The ideal community, of hope, and a bright future realised through a shared sense of belonging.

Drum Gin is a juniper rich and citrussy with an unusual spice unfolding with the full vocabulary of African botanicals.  On the nose it has a sweetness from rich citrus, notes of mace and grains of paradise.  The body of the gin is full and well-rounded – with a rich beginning, flavourful middle and a unique finish coming through from the African birds eye chilli.

Best enjoyed with tonic and lime zest.

VOL: 750ml

ALC: 43%


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