Aframisia Amber Cape Vermouth 750ml


Aframisia Cape Amber – Subtle notes of Royal Oak pelargonium, Lemon pelargonium and Honeybush which give away to a bold finish of Naartjie & African Wormwood.

Our Story:

Our vermouth is African.  Our vermouth is Artemisia. Our vermouth is Aframisia.

Our name is a tribute to the hero ingredient, found in every bottle.  Artemisia Afra, also known as African Wormwood, is the key botanical (amougst a bunch of other botanicals!) that gives our Cape Vermouth its distinctive fynbos flavour.  We wanted to honour this ingredient, while also honouring the unique, special soil that is its home.


We wanted to create a drink that is a tribute to Cape Town.  To do this, we use Cape ingredients, of course, but we also channel intangible qualities that Cape Town offers.  We deeply believe Cape Town has a special energy.  Borne from the mountain that watches over her.  The seas that surround her.  The forests and farms that run though her.  The rocks and beaches and flowers that cover her.  And the people that call her mother.


Mother Nature is our inspiration.  The Mother City is simply the stage.


  • Unit Size: 750ml
  • Weight (Unit): 1.45kg
  • Material: Glass
  • Alcohol by Volume: 18%
  • Country of Origin: South Africa
  • Warranty: Non-Returnable