March 10, 2016
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Prepare for your perception of craft beer to change forever.
We’re not just introducing a truly great new beer, we’re challenging traditional perceptions of what craft beer means. We’re constantly thinking about our customers – and that’s why we chose a can for our new Pale Ale. Our Swedish partner Åbro has one of the most advanced can-fillers in Europe, and the latest generation of aluminium can incorporate technological advances that provide a perfect seal for our beer while guaranteeing its taste and flavour. But it’s not just about its ability to preserve quality. Our new can is portable, quick-chilling, and sustainable. We like to think of it as a mini keg, and when you taste, we know you’ll feel the same way.

Join the Journey, go to our microsite and DOWNLOAD the CBC APP NOW! > http://capebrewing.co.za/LoveTheJourney/

About The Journey

The journey to create our new Pale Ale took us from Paarl’s baking sun to Sweden’s snows. It was an incredible collaboration between two master brewers with over 60 years of combined experience, who together crafted a true brewmaster’s beer that’s also an amazing thirst-quencher. It was a journey of two companies, CBC and Åbro, and learning to use the strengths of each to create something new. And now we want it to be a part of your journey. Take it with you – it’s easier to carry. Have adventures with your friends. See new places. Look out over the world with a great craft beer in your hand. Take a picture of you and your CBC craft beer with our new app and share your adventure, because life is all about the journey, and so is our new craft beer.

Craft Beer Film Premiere | Sonskyn Beperk | Pretoria
February 26, 2016

What a great film Premiere in Pretoria last night (25 FEB)! Well done to the film crew and all involved!

Sonskyn Beperk NOW in cinemas! #craftbeerfilm #ProudlySouthAfrican
Looking forward to the Cape Town Premiere on Monday 29 FEB at the Blue Route Mall!

Watch the Official Sonskyn Beperk movie trailer here.


Here’s Maynard Kraak, Director, enjoying a well deserved CBC Pilsner!


Harvest Lager – These beauties are back!
February 26, 2016

Harvest Lager – These beauties are back! To be enjoyed while stomping the grapes with your favourite winemaker, or alone.

A Bavarian Style Craft Lager Beer! Dedicated to all South African winemakers to keep them refreshed and focused during the annual Harvest!

Wiid Design | Something spectacular at the brewery!
January 11, 2016

Wiid Design creates pared-down, perfectly proportioned pieces that are defined by handmade elements and obsessive attention to detail. Skillfully combining traditional handcrafting and avant-garde techniques, Wiid transforms materials into life-enriching and durable-furniture such as stools, benches, side tables, planters and dining tables, as well as lighting and tableware.

The CBC Craft Colab will showcase some if Wiid Design’s signature cork and ceramic pieces, as well as collaborative works by artists Ceramic Matters.
The inspiration for the CBC Craft Colab comes from the fact that both companies have a passion for quality and detail in their craft/art, therefore this is a perfect opportunity for Wiid Design to showcase their products in CBC’s wonderful brewery.

Watch his #CraftColab2 video here. Follow them @WiidDesign.


A poem inspired by Wolfgang
January 11, 2016

Skryf met lyf is ‘n kombinasie van wie Mia is, wat sy sien, en waaroor sy wonder.
Dinge uit my en ander lewens wat ek oplet, neerpen en uitvou in stories, gedigte & gedagtes.

Idees ry op woorde rond, en met die deel van my skribbels hoop ek om mense te help dink oor nuwe dinge,
uit vars hoeke, en om nuwe buite en binneplekke te ontdek in die proses.

The inspiration for my piece:
Something Wolfgang said in our interview. “I can change my little radius,
and if I do that, I’ve done something.”

Watch her #CraftColab2 video here.


Burgundy Collective Beer Coasters
January 11, 2016

Burgundy Collective manufactures a range of handcrafted leather goods, using local materials and quality craftsmanship. We are a small team who enjoy taking the greatest care and consideration throughout each step of the process, constructing our bags to last and grow more beautiful with age and wear. All our products, inspired by simplicity and functionality, are exclusively made in our studio in Stellenbosch, South Africa

Our inspiration for CBC Craft Colab came from the idea of creating functionality through simplistic design. Leather coasters were the perfect answer. It is often in life that small things can make a lasting impression, just due to the fact that they fulfill a needed purpose.

The Burgundy Collective Leather Coasters will add the perfect combination of style and sophistication to your craft beer drinking experience.

Watch their #CraftColab2 video here. Follow them @BURGUNDY91


Design for #CraftColab2 | Mareth Colleen
January 11, 2016

MARETHCOLLEEN is the brainchild of Mareth van der Walt and Colleen Lesch, a forceful fashion duo that resides in Cape Town. A fully-fledged creative partnership and the production of a range of ready-to-wear women’s apparel.Using locally sourced talent and materials, the passionate pair produces a diverse range of quality garments. The range places a strong emphasis on intricate beadwork.

We always do hand beaded items and love incorporating them into our collections so when we went to visit the CBC brewery we found the interior and all the machinery’s shapes and metallic hues very inspirational. The gunmetal colours of the bottling line, silver stainless steel of the draft taps, tanks, copper lamps, golden amber of the Harvest Lager and the golden orange of the Mandarina Bavaria IPA. We decided to incorporate these colours and shapes into a hand beaded neckpiece. The sheer mesh top finishes off the look and adds a touch of femininity.

Watch their #CraftColab2 video here. Follow them @marethcolleen


Kwartels en Manna | #CraftColab2
January 11, 2016

Charge all things you fashion with a breath of your own spirit – Kahlil Gilbran, The Prophet

“Inspired by nature in its purest form, we are passionate about using seasonal, locally sourced materials to create and curate one-of-a-kind, bold and emotionally provoking installations.

Our CBC installation is inspired by the value of time-honoured processes and the organic combination of movement, balance and contrast; elements that together, personify nature. In our expression, Kwartels en Manna celebrates the consideration of craftsmanship, skill and passion, artistic endeavor and impact of work done by hands, the acumen of precision, and appreciation of every detail of the process. Because, creating a truly exceptional beer is (nothing other than) a refined art.” – Tarien Odendal

Watch here #CraftColab 2 video here. Follow them @kwartelsenmanna_MG_5449

CBC Craft Colab 2 | Fanny Chanel
January 11, 2016

Fanny Chanel is an honest flavour driven passion for ice-cream. Making ice-cream the way is was made in 1930’s. Maggie Beer once said “Time can be tasted in Food”, this is how i feel about ice-cream, tasting the flavour in its purest form. To be making ice-cream for a living is such a blessing and a dream come true._MG_5424

Wolfgang’s passion for what he does is infectious, he has integrity in what he does and he does it well. He focus’s on the best quality ingredients for his beers which you can taste. It’s not just about the beer, it’s about the process, the people, the malt, the hops. In saying this; my inspiration comes from not just using the beer, but to use what goes into the beer & fermentation process. People can then taste 3 different aspects (ingredient, process, end product) of the CBC beer making process.

Watch the Fanny Chanel #CraftColab2 video here.

CTFOB Awards for CBC Pilsner & Krystal Weiss
November 30, 2015

Thanks Cape Town Festival of Beer for a great beer fest!

We are honoured to have won Best Lager for our CBC Pilsner & Best Wheat/Weiss for our CBC Krystal Weiss at this year’s festival! These beauties now have a home at CBC for a year!

Hope we see you all at the brewery for a few more tasters!

The Brewery Gallery | Craft Colab 2
November 23, 2015
5520_CC2 Save the date & invite_instagram

We are very excited to exhibit this year’s #CraftColab2 crafters’ work at CBC brewery from 17 DEC 2015 to 15 JAN 2016!

Join us at the brewery for a taster and wander through the brewery to see all the different elements this year’s crafters came up with in their collaboration with CBC!

Visit our Facebook page to view all the videos & behind the scenes photos!

Open from 10am – 5pm.

Craft Colab 2 Coming Soon!
November 2, 2015
5423_Craft Colab2 Facebook_option 1 header b

We are very excited to announce that we will be showcasing  great craftsmanship over the next few weeks in the CBC initiative called: Craft Colab 2!

Visit our Facebook page to get the latest Craft Colab 2 videos, behind the scenes photos & to see what CBC inspired product the Crafters come up with this year!

Where can I find Oktoberfest Beer in CPT?
October 12, 2015

Want to get your hands on some Oktoberfest Beer but can’t make it to our brewery?

Here’s a list of places that stock CBC Oktoberfest Beer:

On tap: Beerhouse Long Street & Banana Jam Café
In bottles: Harleys, Liquor City Claremont, Tonys Liquors West Beach, Roeland LIquors, Wine Concepts, Bottelary Hills, Sunset Beach, Norman Goodfellows.


Where can I find CBC Oktoberfest Beer in JHB/PTA?
October 9, 2015
Liquor Stores:
JHB: Loco Liquors Blairgowrie, Norman Goodfellows Illovo, Spar Tops Bel Air, Spar Tops Radiokop
PTA: Spar Tops Moreletta Park, Liquor City Castle Walk, Liquor City Groenkloof, Spar Tops Woodhill, Spar Tops Queenswood
Bars & Restaurants (bottles):
JHB: Zio G Sunninghill, The local grill Graze Isando, Foundry Parktown North, The Griffin Illovo
PTA: Whisk wine bar Cornwall Hill
On Tap:
JHB: Beerhouse Fourways, Social on Main
PTA: Capital Craft Beer Academy
#OktoberfestBeer Competition
October 8, 2015
5352_Oktoberfest Beer Competition_Social Media_Presentation_02-03

Stand a chance to WIN a case of #OktoberfestBeer Here’s what you need to do:

Post a pic of a breathtaking view that you feel is in need of a bottle of Oktoberfest Beer on Twitter or Instagram! Tag us @capebrewingco and use the hashtag #OktoberfestBeer

Entries close 31 October 2015 at midnight! Winner will be announced on the 2nd of November 2015!

5352_Oktoberfest Beer Competition_Social Media_Presentation_02-02

CBC Amber Weiss Ice Cream
September 29, 2015


1 bottle CBC Amber Weiss
150ml full fat milk
4 egg yolks
100g sugar
1 tub of Fairview real Greek yogurt


While reducing the Amber Weiss in a sauce pan over medium heat by approx. 20%, whish the egg yolk and sugar until light and creamy.
After the Amber Weiss has sufficiently reduced, add the milk to the beer mix. Don’t worry if it curdles.
Pour the beer/milk mix through a fine mashed sieve to the egg/sugar mix, whisk continuously. Pour the mix back into the sauce pan and continue whisking over medium/low heat until the beer cream thickens up.
Pour back to the bowl and let it cool down to room temperature.
Pour into an ice cream maker and freeze.

CBC_Ice_cream_pic1 CBC_Ice_cream_pic2 CBC_Ice_cream_pic3 CBC_Ice_cream_pic4 CBC_Ice_cream_pic5 CBC_Ice_cream_pic6

Recipe developed by Andy Kung, COO Cape Brewing Co.

SA on Tap Craft Beer Festival this weekend!
September 4, 2015
SA on tap post

We’ll be at the SA on Tap Craft Beer Festival this weekend!

“Enjoy SA’s best breweries as voted for by the public in the iconic setting of the National Botanical Gardens in Pretoria along with a fantastic lineup of bands to jam along to.”

Have you booked your ticket yet? Tickets from www.saontap.co.za See you there…

Oktoberfest 2015
August 13, 2015
Oktoberfest 2015

Oktoberfest is around the corner!

Come join us on 19, 20, 26 & 27 September & 3 & 4 October!

R60 entrance (Includes Souvenir Mug & 1st beer free)

Oktoberfest 2015