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One of South Africa’s leading independent craft breweries is teaming up with South Africa’s favourite national beer festival. Cape Brewing Company (CBC) is proud to announce an exciting and electrifying partnership with the TOPS at SPAR Bierfest – putting the true meaning of ‘bier’ back into Bierfest.

Over the last eight years Bierfest has evolved into South Africa’s premier ‘sit-down’ beer festival experience offering terrific table-side games, a smorgasbord of activity booths and live bands in a festive Bavarian atmosphere that’s impossible to beat this side of the equator. This year, they’re bringing all that back and a whole lot more! A completely revamped brauhaus interior will transport festivalgoers into the town square of Biervaria, where they can enjoy no less than ten delicious beers on tap and a range of ciders from Rekorderlig. From a traditional Oktoberfest brew to a Raspberry Weiss, right up to their Brewmaster’s Reserve Dunkel, CBC has graciously opened their tremendous taproom without restraint.

The honourable Klaus Uberhuber, Mayor of Biervaria and long running host of Bierfest gushed: “I’ve been working my whole life to find, and perfect, the ideal place to enjoy old friends and try new beers. For me, that connection is the most beautiful thing and I will stop at nothing to bring it out and help it shine. Now I’ve finally found people who care the same way about their beer”. And he’s not kidding. With over thirty years’ experience in brewing, spanning three continents, CBC Brewmaster Wolfgang Koedel’s philosophy is simple: if you select only the best raw ingredients and combine them with discipline and passion on a quest for purity and taste, you will create a great beer – “to brew it, you need trust and confidence. Change and widen your radius around beer and your people and you can change the world!”

This new partnership is entered into with beer (and beer-lovers) in mind, “it’s about the passion of the brewers, the quality of the ingredients you use, the purity of the brewing process, and ultimately great-tasting beer” confirms Andy Kung, Head of Operations and Development at CBC. Andrew Douglas, Producer of Bierfest added that “passion and dedication is what we apply every day to our festival so it’s only natural for us to partner with someone who brings that passion and dedication to their beer.”

The TOPS at SPAR Bierfest is now on its eighth national tour, bringing its festive brauhaus and barrels of beautiful beer to Durban, Cape Town and Pretoria from August to November.