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Meet our Heroes of the month for September:

Frankie Adonis

When Frankie is not moving around the brewery at a Usain Bolt pace, Frankie is always willing to stop and help his team members. He often gives his time to tasks that fall outside his responsibilities, a true gentleman and team player.

He is certainly a master of all trades, often filling in when other colleagues are on leave in both the malt store and production floor. He got promoted from floor assistant over the last 3 years to Junior mechanical maintenance assistant and draft team supporter. He takes pride in his work and is willing to take on new challenges and learn new skills.

Ralphton Hendricks

Since Ralpthon started at CBC he has made a significant step change in our off premise market. His understanding of how the system works in trade and his dedication to his craft has been vital in increasing our facings, share of shelf and foot print at outlet level – all leading towards increased sales of CBC.

He has made a positive impact in such a short time with CBC, Ralphton is a great example for a positive, professional attitude and he has successfully transferred his past experience into a new company to the employer’s benefit.