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Heroines of the Month for October

By November 4, 2019NEWS
  • Michelle van den Berg (Pretoria On-Trade Sales) 

    Michelle started at CBC in May 2019 and quickly asserted herself as a fully fledged member of the sales team in Gauteng and nationally. Michelle has quickly built up her reputation in trade with her customers as one of being the best, trustworthy, reliable and delivering on her promises.She is not afraid to get down in the trenches during a festival, event or in her accounts where it sometimes takes hard work and sweat to ensure that our products are poured perfectly. Michelle has brought with her a new energy to the Gauteng sales team. She lives the brand and takes it personally if the competitors step on her Mojo, but she comes back fighting always with new ideas and concepts. A true asset to our business.

  • Anina Slabber (Supply Chain Manager)
    Anina effectively runs the biggest portion of our supply chain – suppliers and customers. Delivery of stock to clients, transferring of stock between warehouses, reviewing stock levels, placing orders – and receiving of raw material stock, due to it’s nature,  has a negative measurement, unlike sales – how much is sold, production – how much was produced,  you only ever hear of the stock not delivered or raw material not on hand.No one gets a daily update of stock successfully delivered, raw material received on time, battles fought with suppliers over short deliveries/ price variances, strings pulled to get stock/items moved to help other internal customers on short notice. A true hero, an asset to CBC.